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Our Business

Green Mountain Energy Company is committed to maintaining its position as the nation’s longest serving renewable energy retailer. The company has two primary business units: residential and commercial energy.  

Residential Products

Green Mountain offers retail customers in competitive markets in Illinois, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and cleaner energy via direct access retail electric service. 

In traditional markets, Green Mountain partners with utilities who want to offer renewable energy products to their customers. We partner with Portland General Electric, which has the nation's #1 ranked green pricing program among investor-owned utilities. Additionally, we partner with utilities in New York and New Jersey that run multi-supplier green pricing programs.

Outside of these areas, Green Mountain offers renewable energy certificates and carbon offset products to help reduce the environmental impact of everyday activities like electricity use, driving and flying.

Commercial Products

Green Mountain is one of the premier retail providers of energy products to businesses and institutions, primarily focusing on the competitive electricity markets in Texas, New York City, Pennsylvania and Illinois. We provide cost-competitive, cleaner energy to our customers, along with exceptional service.

Nationwide, Green Mountain offers innovative and cost effective carbon reduction solutions to commercial sector clients seeking to improve their environmental position. In addition to carbon offset and renewable energy certificate (REC) products, Green Mountain provides a comprehensive suite of consulting and other services including assistance with green marketing strategy, corporate sustainability reporting, and voluntary emissions reporting.