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Our Impact
Green Mountain Energy Company began in Vermont in 1997 with a simple idea: Use the power of consumer choice to change the way power is made. Over a decade later, now headquartered in Austin, Texas, Green Mountain remains 100% committed to this mission. We proudly continue to offer only products that are better for the environment to our residential, business, institutional and governmental customers.

And when we look at the numbers, they tell a pretty powerful story: Green Mountain customers are having an impact!

Since 1997, our customers have helped to prevent as much CO2pollution as the equivalent of:
  • Taking 2.3 million cars off the road for a year
  • Over 12.7 million households turning off their lights for a year
  • Recycling over 47 billion cans or 7.7 billion pounds of newspaper

Our customers' demand for clean, renewable energy supports the Green Mountain Energy® Wind Farms–Langford and Elbow Creek. These two West Texas wind farms are jointly capable of producing up to 270 megawatts (MW) – enough to power 220,000 homes.

All of our customers together have helped spur the development of over 65 new wind and solar facilities across the nation, many of which are located in the communities we serve.
  • The facilities are owned and operated by third parties and are often branded as Green Mountain through licensing agreements because the demand from our customers played a significant role in getting these projects built.
  • Many of these are Green Mountain Solar® projects that have been brought to life through the contributions of members of the Green Mountain Energy™ Sun Club™. A few recent recipients of Sun Club solar donations include:

Project Location Dedicated Solar Donation Fun Fact
Texas Humane Heroes Leander, Texas April 2013 11.76 kW solar pavilion This no-kill animal shelter just north of Austin is helping some of the most needy members of their community: unwanted pets. Because of Texas Humane Heroes, thousands of animals have been saved from certain euthanasia at other local shelters and adopted out to loving homes. Texas Humane Heroes now features a solar pavilion as the centerpiece of their new memorial garden, built with the donation from the Sun Club.
Greyston Bakery Yonkers, New York April 2013 8.82 kW array Greyston Bakery is the revenue arm of the Greyston Foundation which runs a host of social programs in Yonkers, NY to help folks get back on their feet, gainfully employed and living in clean, affordable housing. They can now claim to be baking their delicious brownies (sold in Whole Foods and in Ben & Jerry’s ice cream) with solar power!
Wilson Montessori School Houston, Texas March 2013 9.55 kW array This charter school in the Houston Independent School District is full of bright, amazing minds with a love of learning and exploration. Thanks to the Sun Club, Wilson Montessori School now has an array on campus from which to learn the importance of solar energy.
Singularity Solar Energy Denton, Texas December 2012 3.4 kW array Singularity Solar Energy was started in 2011 by a family who wanted to do more to help their community and promote solar energy. This new non-profit donates solar energy systems to low-income households who struggle day-to-day just pay essential expenses, like their electricity bill.
Philabundance Philadelphia, Pennsylvania November 2012 Solar Generator Philabundance is the largest hunger relief organization in the Delaware Valley, providing food to 65,000 neighbors in need each week. They are able to provide two meals for each dollar donated. They were the Pennsylvania winner of the "2012 Vote Solar for Good" Facebook challenge.