Cut back on electricity usage

  • Be sure all of your employees turn off lights, computers, and other office equipment when not in use to cut back on high utility costs and your business’s carbon footprint. In addition, you could install lighting controls or Building Management Systems (BMS) to automate some or all of these processes.

Reduce Junk Mail

  • Save countless trees and reduce landfill waste by reducing the amount of junk mail your business receive. Contact the Direct Marketing Association to be removed from many companies' mass marketing mailing lists for up to five years.

Energy Star

  • Encourage your employer to look for products that have earned the government's ENERGY STAR rating when buying new equipment for the office. ENERGY STAR qualified products, including computers, copiers, fax machines, and printers, mean you get the features and performance you want AND help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Set-up an office recycling center

  • Set up blue bins in the break room and by employees’ desks for recyclable materials such as glass, plastic, aluminum, mixed paper, and hazardous materials. Have volunteers sign up each week to take the materials to a local recycling center.

Be a carbon-conscious business

  • Set specific energy reduction goals each month. By keeping track of your progress you’ll be more likely to achieve goals and be able to share your success with customers and stakeholders. Learn more about tracking your carbon footprint and offsetting with Green Mountain RECs and Offsets.

Print double-sided

  • Set office printers to print double-sided automatically to easily reduce your business’s paper consumption by half.

Opt for Reusable supplies

  • Replace disposable products with reusable ones wherever possible. You’ll cut costs, reduce waste, and show customers you run an eco-savvy business. For example, choose reusable ink cartridges through a cartridge refilling program. Many companies, such as Staples, even offer discounts on future ink cartridge purchases, so you’ll be saving money in more ways than one.

Purchase supplies in bulk

  • Purchase products and supplies in bulk to reduce packaging and shipping waste. Typically, purchasing in bulk saves money and time as well.

Ship Eco-friendly

  • When shipping, choose environmentally-friendly packaging materials, reuse whenever possible, and consider a green shipping program to offset the carbon associated with your businesses parcel and freight shipments.

Incorporate plants into your business space

  • Plants act as natural filters to improve indoor air quality, and act as a friendly reminder to “think green” every day.

Limit your business air travel

  • Airplanes create more waste and emit more CO2 than automobiles typically do. If you travel frequently, propose the idea of conducting meetings over the Internet using a Webcam. For air travel that is unavoidable, offset the trip with Green Mountain Energy® offsets.

Purchase local or organic food for your employees

  • For stocking your break room or for office events, try to purchase food that is locally grown and organic. Local food doesn’t have to travel as far, which means less energy is consumed and the produce will be in better quality. Choosing organic products is a great way to avoid harmful pesticides and support farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources.
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