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Green Mountain™ Carbon Offsets & RECs

Green Mountain Energy Company offers carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates (RECs) to individuals, businesses and other organizations that are looking for an easy and reliable way to estimate and reduce their impact on the environment.

Join us and start reducing your impact on the environment today!



Offset your day-to-day activities like driving, flying and using energy at home.



Accurately calculate and reduce your business' impact on the environment.



Why Green Mountain?

Our high quality, rigorously certified products, combined with over a decade of experience in cleaner energy, mean that you can be confident in reducing your environmental impact with Green Mountain.


Since our inception, Green Mountain customers have helped avoid more than 24.5 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. That's like:

  • Taking more than 2.3 million cars off the road for a year
  • 12.7 million households turning off their lights for a year
  • Planting 2.9 million trees


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