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NOPEC Renews Contract with Green Mountain Energy Company
For the First Time, Texans in All Competitive Markets Can Now Buy Pollution Free Electricity at No Largest Public Energy Aggregation Contract in U.S. Extended

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Columbus, OH — March 25, 2005 — The Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC) announced today the extension of its contract with Green Mountain Energy Company through 2008. NOPEC is Northeast Ohio's aggregated buying group that combines the bulk bargaining power of over 115 communities to offer member residents the best products and services at the best prices. Green Mountain Energy Company, the nation's leading residential provider of cleaner electricity, has supplied less-polluting, reliable electricity to hundreds of thousands of NOPEC customers since September 2001. Green Mountain Energy Company's partnership with NOPEC is the largest public energy aggregation in the United States.

NOPEC, a powerful voice for consumer advocacy in Ohio's changing energy markets, negotiated to bring consumers less-polluting Green Mountain Energy® electricity at a lower rate than what the local utility is charging by offering customers the ability to save a fixed percentage off the existing utility generation shopping credit. In 2004 alone, NOPEC's residential customers saved more than $10 million and NOPEC's commercial and governmental customers saved $3.4 million. NOPEC projects its customer savings to be more than $15 million in 2005.

"We are delighted to extend our contract with Green Mountain Energy Company through 2008," said NOPEC Chairman Joe Migliorini. "Together, NOPEC and Green Mountain have made energy history in this state, providing our customers with a quality product at a discounted price and proving that competition in Ohio can work."

Sourced from less-polluting resources like natural gas, Green Mountain Energy electricity in Ohio is less polluting than typical system power in the region. In addition to saving money, NOPEC customers buying Green Mountain Energy electricity have each done their part to reduce their share of air pollution. In 2004, Ohio customers together prevented almost 204 million tons of carbon dioxide (C02) emissions. That is as much C02 as a car would make in more than 226 million miles of driving. You would have to take more than 18,000 cars off the road to avoid that much C02.

"NOPEC customers should be proud of the efforts they have made in reducing a portion of the pollution that comes from their electricity use," said Ron Prater, general manager of Green Mountain Energy Company's Midwest and Eastern regions. "NOPEC has made it possible for Ohioans to continue to show their commitment to the environment and to save money at the same time."

In May 2002, thanks to its partnership with NOPEC, Green Mountain Energy Company helped develop Green Mountain Energy® Solar at Lake Farm Park, a 26-kilowatt solar array in Kirtland, Ohio, 25 miles east of Cleveland. The array is one of the largest in Ohio and is the first commercial solar array in the state to be built exclusively due to retail competition. NOPEC also teamed up with Green Mountain Energy Company to bring schools in Northeast Ohio the Solar Powered Schools Program. As a result, one school in each of the eight NOPEC counties was chosen to receive a one-kilowatt solar array installation. Green Mountain Energy Solar at Lake FarmPark and The Solar Powered Schools program are both excellent opportunities for school children and communities in Northeast Ohio to learn about the benefits of renewable energy.

About Green Mountain Energy Company
Founded in 1997 to "change the way power is made", Green Mountain Energy Company offers residential, business, institutional and governmental customers the choice to support cleaner electricity generated from sources such as wind, solar, water, geothermal, biomass and natural gas. Due to Green Mountain Energy Company's efforts, about 600,000 customers nationwide are purchasing electricity that is significantly less polluting than typical system power. The company is based in Austin, Texas.

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